About aqua and snow tubes

Classic sleds were replaced by snow tubing in the modern world. They are at great demand worldwide. Today the popularity of snow tubing is growing every day.

What is that – snow tubing?

There is inflatable rubber circle based on chamber filled with air. And it’s an extremely safe. Snow tubes are the best choice for children and adults.


How to use snow tubes?

They were made for to ride on ice and snow. They are for riding downhills. Snow Tubes – are very lite and really soft so you can go down the slide with the breeze. Actually you can use them not only in winter month – they can be used in summer to – for long summer entertainments. Tubes can float.

Who could use snow-tubes and how?

Firstly you need to know that snow – tubes are different in terms of size and can handle a different mass. They can be designed for one person or set up under two. The professional manufactures have a child –friendly and compact versions and big things for adults.

How to choose correctly?

Producers sell a variety of brands at different prices. They may differ by price, fabrics quality and ctr.

How to choose the right?

The bottom (underside) of the snow tubes are made of high – quality material of PVC with different densities. The thicker the materials – the more are weight.

PVC dose not wear out with use if you slide in the sand free snow. Snow Tubes differ in the thickness of the reinforcing net in the PVC – fabric which protect the bottom of the snow tube from tearing.

For the upper half can be made of PVC-fabric or synthetic fabric. The second option (synthetic fabric) is not worse than PVC, but without protective coating they degenerating too quickly and holes may emerge.
The back of the PVC is polymers coated on both sides that capture fabric and prevent the tears in the fabric.
Another important feature of PVC – intensive and deep colors.

Sled knobs deserve special attention. If they stapled to fabric – it’s can be dangerous. At a time the tube – ride they can be detached from the base. It’s unsafe – and could cause injury. Safer option – when handles attached by special rivets. The most reliable handles – are made of PVC glue to the base.

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